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1000-lb Sisters fans slam Tammy Slaton for ‘beyond selfish’ wedding request

Tammy Slaton has been branded ‘beyond selfish’ by fans of 1000-lb Sisters after asking her sister Amy Slaton to plan her whole wedding in just two weeks

Tammy Slaton has been slammed for her “beyond selfish” behaviour as she insisted her sister Amy Slaton should plan her wedding, despite being given just two weeks notice.

The 1000-lb Sisters star, 36, tied the knot with her husband Caleb Willingham last year after meeting at a food rehabilitation centre.

Prior to the ceremony, which was held at the treatment facility, Tammy insisted Amy should plan the whole event and described it as a “once in a lifetime opportunity”.

In a new clip from her TLC show, which was shared on Instagram, Tammy video called her sister to ask her a big question.

“Well you know how I was your Maid of Honour and wedding planner, whatever you can call it. I wanted to know if you would repay the favour and do my wedding? Be my Maid of Honour most of all,” she asked.

Amy, who was at the park with her two sons and husband said: “It’s awful soon, sis.”

Tammy quickly replied: “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Amy told her sister she had “a lot going on with Glenn and Gage,” but Tammy hit back: “There will be a lot of people there to help you take care of the babies, including myself. So I call bulls**t.”

Amy said: “I’ll definitely be your bridesmaid and I love you unconditionally. Now, I can’t say that about Caleb because I don’t know him that well.”

“You don’t have to get to know him, I’ve got to get to know him. That’s all that matters,” Tammy responded.

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Amy eventually agreed on the condition she has “free creative liberty”.

In a confessional Tammy later claimed: “I did everything for Amy’s wedding, ordered the decorations, picked out the food, the venue, the music, the ambiance. So, I’d like her to return the favour.”

She added: “I am very much aware that Amy’s got two beautiful boys and while them babies are sleeping, she can be looking on the internet for party supplies.”

Speaking to the cameras, Amy said: “No matter what concerns I have, no matter if I met Caleb or not, my sister’s getting married I’m going. At the end of the day, it’s her health and her happiness.”

Fans quickly took to the comments to call Tammy out for her demands.

“That’s is beyond selfish of Tammy to say ‘when the kids are sleeping you could be looking for party supplies’ when she has NO IDEA how exhausting it can be to be a mother.

“I don’t think Amy wants to spend her free time planning a wedding for her sister to marry someone she hardly knows,” one person wrote.

Another said: “Yeah Tammy’s wrong her sister has two kids! It’s beyond exhausting to do all that,” while a third commented: “She’s so selfish, why can’t Tammy do the planning?”

However, some people defended Tammy, with one fan commenting: “Amy is a hater….she’s always speaking negatively about Tammy. It’s like she wants her to fail.”

Another insisted: “If anyone can pull off putting an ENTIRE WEDDING in 2 weeks… it’s going to be Amy & Tammy. I think it’s a little scary to be asked to do it and what was the big rush?

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“But in the end it’s your life and do whatever makes you happy.”

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