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1000 LB SISTERS Tammy Slaton has jaw-dropping weight loss after gastric surgery

At the beginning of Season 3 of 1000 LB Sisters Tammy Slaton was fighting for her life at her highest weight ever: 717 lbs. Since the early episodes of that season have been filmed, 36-year-old Tammy has gotten married and lost so much weight she is now almost unrecognizable.

Tammy has had a lot of changes in the past year. In 2022 she got married and had gastric bypass surgery.

For years Tammy was unable to quality for the surgery because she was unable to make the pre-surgery weight loss requirements. Her sister Amy was able to quality and receive the surgery in Season One of their TLC show.

Because of the weight lost Amy achieved as a result of the surgery Amy’s fertility improved and she had give birth to two children with husband Michael Halterman.

Tammy struggled for years, and her mobility and health declined to the point where she almost lost her life multiple times. Thankfully, Tammy’s latest major health battle was a huge wake-up call for her and motivated her to lose almost 200 pounds in order to quality for the surgery.

She went from 717lbs to 534.7 in order to be approved. After receiving the surgery, Tammy has continued on her weight loss journey, but her current weight has not been shared with the public.

Tammy did share some amazing recent photos of herself on her Instagram account showcasing an incredible body transformation.

In November 2022, Tammy got married to a man named Caleb Willingham who she met in at a rehab facility. Tammy told US Weekly that Caleb treats her better than any man she’s ever been with and says they both support each other with their weight-loss goals.

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Tammy’s journey is truly inspirational.

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