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Fans Call Out Tammy Slaton’s Husband Caleb as a ‘Liar’ – Here’s Why

In a surprising turn of events, 1000-Lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton tied the knot with her new beau Caleb Willingham during the show’s Season 3 finale.

Fans of the TLC series are buzzing about the wedding and questioning his true intentions.

1000-Lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton Marries but Siblings Worry About His Intentions

Tammy Slaton’s siblings, Amanda Halterman and Misty Slaton, met Caleb Willingham for the first time on her wedding day. And they didn’t hold back their curiosity.

Joined by their brother Chris Combs, the sisters and brother made sure to grill Caleb about his relationship with Tammy on 1000-Lb Sisters.

Caleb said in a TLC confessional segment that he was anxious about meeting his fiancée’s sisters. That’s despite knowing they were coming that day.

Then, the ever-watchful brother Chris issued a lighthearted warning to his new brother-in-law about Amanda and Misty’s personalities. In a tense moment, Amanda confronted Tammy’s fiancé with a critical question.

She asked, “Are you willing to sign a prenup?” After an awkward pause on 1000-Lb Sisters, Caleb Willingham agreed. That left fans wondering if Tammy Slaton’s family was right to be concerned.

Caleb Willingham After More Than Love? 1000-Lb Sisters Fans Speak Out

The awkward silence that followed Amanda’s prenup question ignited suspicions among fans about Caleb Willingham’s true motives. And fans were quick to voice their concerns.

One fan tweeted their doubts, claiming the guy’s only in the relationship for money and fame. They also accuse him of stalking Tammy. Others chimed in with similar concerns about the 1000-Lb Sisters’ groom.

Some fans pointed to his history, mentioning his rehab stint specifically to meet Tammy and his swift proposal. They agreed that a prenup might be a wise decision for Tammy.

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After the prenup scene aired, fans continued to express their unease about Willingham. One Twitter user said his face “screamssss liar,” while another noted the lengthy pause before he agreed to a prenup.

Caleb’s Pursuit of Tammy: Is He a Stalker or a Devoted Suitor?

Tammy Slaton’s quickie engagement and wedding to Caleb on 1000-Lb Sisters worries her family. They question the couple’s fast-paced relationship. And sister Amy Slaton expressed her concerns to their brother Chris Combs.

Chris is also baffled by the couple’s lightning-fast engagement and wedding timeline. He shared his disbelief and emphasized the importance of family approval before Tammy can “run off and get married.”

Amy revealed that Caleb discovered which rehab facility Tammy was in. Then, he followed her there to check in as a patient. That raised red flags for her family. The couple began dating in rehab, with Caleb proposing in the parking lot.

With the 1000-Lb Sisters‘ family still in the dark about his true intentions, Amy voiced her concerns: “I don’t know if this guy’s a stalker, a serial killer, or just a nice guy trying to prove that she is worth something.”

Even knowing Caleb Willingham stalked her, Tammy Slaton married him anyway. Now, it remains to be seen if the marriage will last. With rumors of Season 5 brewing, perhaps we’ll see more then.

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